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About Us is an LED T-Shirt store that imports our products and sells with retail and wholesale.

We are located in the bustling heart of downtown Los Angeles.

At the moment we are mainly engaged in selling light-emitting LED T shirts (music / dynamic) in the LED light products, product design for the customer provides a more comprehensive professional advice,

We have a Long-term supply line of the latest style trends, with a very unique style.

It is the quality of our product(s), price, shipment period, And the credibility of both the broad trust of the clients that make us a very highly professional seller of LED t-shirts.

In addition to the existing style in our store,

Our whoesale orders start as 4 dozens. For advisory prices please contact us.

If you want a Special tailored item we accept custom-made items from our clients.

(You must order at least 50pieces in wholesale) and with $50 to $100 SET UP FEE depend on your design.







?LED T shirt Men's T shirt LEDT-shirt? EL is the latest high-tech solid-state chemical product on the market today, which is itself the thinnest and most flexible, using very little consumption of energy, it produces no heat, they a bright display and amazing color rendition properties. Our company made the EL light sheet from the very flexible and ultra-thin (only 0.35mm) Multi-color pattern and LOGO signs for the t-shirt. The drive (similar to BB sophisticated drive), is a simple small black box in which you will power the shirt with 2 or 4 AAA batteries, The Drive can than be buckled in your belt clip or it can also be hidden in the shirt itself, you can issue the dynamic effects of flickering, by simply turning up the sensitivity of the drive up. Led lights up t-shirts is great for all night parties, going to concerts, kicking back at the bar, dance halls, sports event, the company's best costume selection, application design and the company's LOGO product trademark. This can also be used to enhance product promotion display. Led t shirts is turning into the world's most fashionable clothing; they are selling off the charts in Europe and America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and many other parts of the world?



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